Over the weekend the Minister for Health signed into law Regulations (S.I. 296 of 2020) regarding the mandatory wearing of face coverings in retail and other settings which come into effect today (10th August). The regulations do not include leisure centres, gyms, pools or exercise studios, where social distancing should continue to be maintained. The regulations cover ‘relevant premises’ indoors where goods are sold directly to the public (shops) and other Specified Premises at Schedule Part A (Shopping Centres, Libraries, Cinemas, Theatres, Concert Halls, Bingo Halls and Museums) and Specified Services and Businesses at Schedule Part B (Nailcare, Haircare, Tattoo/Piercing, Travel Agents, Laundries/Dry Cleaners and Bookmakers).

At Edenderry Swimming Pool We will remain within our protocols and all policies for Swimming at the Pool. We hope our patrons will support us and will continue to support us in the future.

We will remain closed until the 23rd of August, We hope to re-open on the 24th of August under new guidelines from the government.

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