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Our team of highly qualified and experienced swimming and fitness instructors are here to help you improve your current fitness levels. Whether you are a competitive athlete or you just want to enjoy an active healthy lifestyle and have more energy for work or family then Edenderry Swimming Pool and Sports Recovery Centre has something for everyone

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Sports Recovery

A recovery routine beginning after training/competition (cool down) and continuing for up to 24 hours post training effect or competition

Get Fit

Getting Fit is a way of life it is not just for the interim i.e. to fit into that dress or loss a few pounds only to put back on, the fact is that getting fit is a way of life, change your mind change your body


Hydro Therapy is the use of water whether it is liquid, steam or ice. Using hot & cold temperatures to recover the body this included the use of sauna,steam room and Ice Cold Immersion.

Learn To Swim

Getting Started: The 3 most popular swimming strokes are Front Crawl, Breast Stroke and Back Stroke. When learning to swim it is important to practice as often as possible. This will build up your confidence in the water.



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