Adult Swimming

It's Never to Late to learn how to swim

Beginner, Beginner

Being ‘at one’ with the water helps to ensure that everything we do in the water and when we swim is second nature and therefore not stressful.

Essential elements of learning how to relax when swimming are:
  • Learning how to breath hold and submerge
  • Learn how to move through the water slowly
  • Learn how to breathe regularly
Go Underwater and Really Experience It

Submerging completely under the water is a great way to learn how to relax. Grab a pair of swim goggles, put them on your eyes, take a deep breath and down you go. What do you see? Everything very clearly, so you have a very clear perception of where you are and what you are doing. What can you hear? Not much if anything. All is peaceful and quiet.

Learn How to Relax

Easier said than done I hear you say. Not at all. It just takes time. A combination of floating, gliding and breathing at a comfortable time will lead to you being at one with the water.

When you learn how to relax you are then able to move through the water.  Float, from front position  (prone) to back (supine) & learn to go from front prone to standing in the water regaining an upright standing position, a forgotten skill when learning how to swim.

The 2 most common swimming breathing mistakes

When it comes to breathing during swimming, whichever swimming stroke you are attempting to swim, there are two common mistakes that many adults make.

  • Holding your breath
  • Breathing too late

Solution do not hold breath and breath long before you need to. Setting number of arm pulls and breath on one arm pull.


Breathing regularly when we swim helps to keep us relaxed and calm.


Learn to float prone & supine, regain feet.

Slower is Better

You must learn to 'feel' your way through the water and not 'fight' your way through it.


Submerge completly under water to learn how to relax.

Adult Swimming Lessons
Adult Swimming Lessons


Group Lessons

Edenderry Swimming Pool’s experienced instructors guide each person through the 5 week programme which covers the basics of swimming and helps improve your skills through a programme of gradual progression and motivation.

These are available at different times throughout the year.


40mins per session

Tailor-Made Swim Classes

One to One Lessons

These lessons are on a one to one basis with a qualified instructor. If you want to improve your water confidence, a particular stroke, skill or even train for an event, this individual session is suitable for you.

It is also useful for people that need extra practice & instruction to achieve & develop a particular skill.


30mins per session

Adult Swimming Lessons
Adult Swimming Lessons



Adult Lessons (5 Lessons)



Adult One to One Lessons (6 Lessons)



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