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Swim to Success

One Swim Away from a Good Mood

Our New development project has been under way since 2008 when the new board of directors formed.  The New development continues to be strive for and in time when funds are their it will be constructed.  Community will always be at the heart of Edenderry Swimming Pool

Learn to Swim

Learning to swim is a life skill that can come in very useful throughout one’s life. Swimming is not only a great way to keep fit it is also a life saving skill.

Not only for children but for adults too!! This you will never regret doing for your children and for you. Checkout our pages for Adult & Children Lessons.

Pool Parties

The pool party packages offer kids an active afternoon splashing around with their friends in our 25-metre swimming pool. Suitable for children aged 6+.

Celebrate birthdays, communions or any special occasions, this is definitely the way to go, this will be the most fun you had in years with your children.


Aqua Aerobics

Water provides natural resistance to movement and buoyancy, meaning whether you keep to the shallow end or explore the deep, you'll be burning fat as you move.

We all struggle to find that one exercise class that you will fit in or just love well this Aqua Aerobics Class is one challenge you will never forget committing too!!


A 55-minute workout emphasising range-of-motion, gentle stretching and muscular strength; It includes some low-intensity cardio.


Water exercising is a fun and effective way to meet your daily exercise needs. Whether you are swimming laps, playing water volleyball, doing water calisthenics or water aerobics, your body benefits in numerous ways.

Sports Recovery

Ice Cold water immersion and Active Recovery are the top two rated strategies for Recovery

Lifesaving Skills

Built into the programme are lessons in valuable survival, rescue and sports skills…all delivered in an exciting way that will get children involved and motivated.

Fun Facts

  • Unlike most land exercises, water provides resistance to movement in all directions, which allows all directions to be used in the strengthening process
  • Women weren’t allowed to compete in Olympics until 1912.
  • The first swimming goggles were made from tortoise shells.
  • Freedivers can hold their breath for more than 10 minutes.
  • There is enough water in Olympic-sized pools to take 9400 baths.
  • Swimmers can flex their toes to the ground.
Edenderry Swimming Pool
Edenderry Swimming Pool
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Edenderry Swimming Pool
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