The regenerative and beneficial health effects are just as powerful as those experienced with hot water. Generally, cold water Hydrotherapy is used to invigorate and is beneficial to those ho may feel sleepy, weak or mentally tired and to increase internal organ functions by diverting blood flow to the internal organs from the extremities. It also slows the heart rate and may cause slight elevations in blood pressure.

Ice Baths

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3 Factors - Turbulence, Temperature

and Pressure

Turbulence:Fully filtrated and circulated; the aeration of the water has a two-fold effect. Enhance water - to - skin temperature gradient, which optimises cooling. And the massage effect influences dispersal of fluids and can also stimulate the muscle which is particularly beneficial for certain conditions such as quadriceps contusion.

Temperature: The application of cold decreases pain and muscle spasm and, also, reduces tissue metabolism, blood flow (initially), inflammation, edema, and connective tissue extensibility.Low temperature (2 C to 24 C) hydrotherapy is a relatively new concept in therapeutic modalities and can provide significant pain relief with a low side-effect profile.

Pressure: The greater the depth of the water the greater is the physical pressure exerted on the tissues which,

again, aids in the dispersal of accumulated fluids.


When Practiced for 4 Weeks ....

Can stabilize blood pressure. Cold water triggers the autonomic nervous system which controls involuntary functions, such as heartbeat and breathing -- to raise blood pressure, increase heart rate and constrict blood vessels.

The autonomic responses strengthen with each exposure. This stabilises blood pressure, improves circulation and balances other bodily functions, such as the sleep/wake cycle.

Enhances immunity. Cold water stimulates the release of cytokines and other hormone-like substances that are vital to immune function.

Reduces pain. Cold causes the body to release endorphins, hormones with proven pain-fighting properties.

Improves moods. Cold water activates sensory nerves that lead to the brain. A cold, exhilarating shower can be Emotionally uplifting and prime a person for new experiences.