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Swim Strokes
The fact that swimming is an excellent form of aerobic workout, it can burn calories efficiently. In reality, it can burn twice as many calories as vigorous running, staircase climbing and treadmill jogging. Even three hours of swimming in a week is enough to bring you muscle strength, flexibility and endurance.

Get Fit... Get Swimming
Water Fit

Swimming is definitely an easy way to keep fit. The inherent nature of swimming makes it a gentle and comfortable activity for virtually any age group. Many fitness swimmers over the age of 50 are those who have started swimming  to get away from high cholesterol levels, increase blood pressure level, cardiac problems and asthma or perhaps muscle injuries.


Freestyle – Is the fastest and most efficient swimming technique
Backstroke – Is the only stroke that is swum on the back, the swimmer looking up
Butterfly – Is powerful, graceful and fast
Breaststroke – Is one of the easiest and most relaxing strokes