For the health and safety of all patrons, please abide by the following

1. The operating hours of the HydroZone are indicated on the current timetable and can be changed for operational reasons.

2. The sale of All Access Passes (in the form of wrist–bands) starts by the opening of the sauna and ends 30 minutes before  its closing. Use of the Pool is included in your all access pass.

3. Each person to the HydroZone is responsible for his/her own health condition. Anyone with serious health problems, such as heart condition, or with open sores or contagious infections or diseases should consult a physician before using the sauna and steam room

4. Persons above 16 years of age are allowed to enter the Sauna & Steam room; ensure that you read all guidelines.

5. Shower before entering the sauna and steam room (also shower after usage before entering pool)

6. Proper attire must be worn in sauna and steam room. (Swimsuit, shorts, showers shoes - no tennis shoes, etc.). Please bring a towel on which to sit comfortably

7. Inappropriate conduct or failure to comply with ESP policies and procedures may jeopardise future admission.

8. Shaving is not allowed in saunas and steam rooms

9. Soap, shampoo, conditioners or oils are not allowed in sauna or steam room

10. Reading materials are not allowed in the Sauna  

11. It is forbidden to introduce glass objects into the area of the HydroZone. Food and drinks are forbidden.

12. Each person to the HydroZone is obliged to maintain the cleanliness, order and to conserve the equipment.

13. Each person is obliged to maintain the peace and not to disturb other persons by his behaviour.

14. In the event of an injury to self or an injury to another person it is necessary to warn the staff immediately.

15. Ten minutes before the end of the operational hours, persons are required to exit the Hydro Zone in order to get dressed by time of closure of the changing rooms.

16. For your safety, limit use to a combined maximum of 30 minutes. Prolonged usage may result in nausea, dizziness or fainting.

17. Women who are pregnant and individuals with heart disease, abnormal/high blood pressure and diabetes should consult a physician before using the HydroZone.

Extreme Temperature are in use ...

Please be aware and notify staff of any medical conditions before use


Rules and Regulations

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