The HydroZone at Edenderry Swimming Pool includes the use of our purpose design and built 8 person Ice Cold water bath; FULLY FILTRATED SYSTEM, with TOTAL BODY COVERAGE. Temperatures of 2 °C to a maximum temperature of 24 °C.  (Bath dimensions 2.6 m x 2 m x 1.4 m deep). During body cooling water is continously circulated to enhance water - to - skin temperature gradient, which optimises cooling.

Our Purpose Built ICE Chiller Bath - Seated and Circulated.

" Hydro Therapy is the use of 
water as liquid, steam or ice. 
Using temperature effects 
including the use of Sauna, 
Steam Room 
and Ice Cold Immersion. "

Saunas have very low humidity, which means they can be much hotter than steam rooms. They're usually between 80°C and 100°C.       

Our steam room is set about 40°C and is suitable for up to 10 persons..  But both Sauna and steam baths both have therapeutic benefits.


Improving blood circulation  - cleaning and rejuvenating the skin  - easing muscle tension - promoting feelings of relaxation and well-being - enhancing detoxification processes

Hydro-Therapy Zone Includes


Sauna 80 - 100 oC

Steam Room 45 oC

Sauna uses dry heat and a steam room uses wet heat

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