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Hot and cold can be used; the contrasting temperatures can be used to create vascular flushing which in turn can be very beneficial for speeding up healing. The heat first dilates the blood vessels (vasodilatation) and the cold follows, causing those blood vessels to constrict (vasoconstriction). This causes vascular flushing. Many health problems are reduced or even eliminated over time by providing proper circulation of the blood to the affected area using this contrast method.
Contrast Water Therapy
Alternating hot and cold

Alternating hot and cold water to the whole body can help recovery by increasing blood flow, stimulating the central nervous system, decreasing swelling, decreasing stiffness, increasing range of motion and decreasing muscle soreness. Research suggests that an equal ratio of time in hot and cold water immersion in a bath/spa or shower is ideal.  Finishing with cold  water helps to reduce body temperature and inflammation; this ‘ices’ the whole body which is great for recovery.

Well-being... Or Sports Recovery

Improved Strength and endurance

Improved muscle tone

Improved self-esteem

Improved cardiovascular functioning

Improved psychological conditions

Increased flexibility

Increased circulation

Improved balance and coordination

Improved range of movement.

Overall enhancement in your quality of life

Recommended Circuit

- Shower

- ICE BATH                                 2 mins

- Steam Room                          10 mins

- Cool Shower

- ICE BATH                                 4 mins

- Sauna                                      10 mins


- Cool Shower

- ICE BATH                                 2 mins