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Level One is designed to improve water confidence for the child to get them ready for mainstream swimming lessons. This class is aimed at teaching the child safe entry & exit from the pool. It develops essential water awareness, confidence & how to follow instruction in a fun pool environment.

Here we introduce floating on front and back, the confidence to submerge under water. This class is taught through a variety of game and methods of encouragement.

In this level the instructor  helps the child to develop the skills in floating, pushing & gliding, both on the front and back. We also aim to teach the child to be confident performing rotation from front to back and opposite in order to regain an upright position in the water.

Continuing to develop front and back crawl with kicking and arm action over a distance of 5 metres. Once this is achieved, correct breathing technique is introduced and the distance extended to 10 metres. The skills of breaststroke and treading water in the deep and also introduced in this level.

Level 1

Level 2

Level 3

Level 4 will will be developing front crawl, back crawl & breaststroke, including correct breathing technique over longer distances. The butterfly stroke, forward tumbles, safe dives and feet first sculling are all introduced during this level.

Level 4

Improvers will develop all strokes over 50m – 100m using correct breathing technique. The skills of safe dives & tumble turns will be developed and timed swims will also be introduced during this level.


All the lessons above are 45mins per session and cost €8 Pay as you go.  Please ref our timetable for further options days, times & prices.

These lessons are on a one to one basis with a qualified instructor. These are ideal if group classes are not suitable for your child or even as an add-on to group classes. If you want your child to improve water confidence, a particular stroke or skill then these this individual sessions could be just the fit!

It is also useful for children that need extra practice & instruction to achieve & develop a particular skill.